SlagHammer Mask

Materials: Pigskin leather, 14 Ga. steel, welding harness, 1/8" plexiglass 

Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 14"

Designed & Fabricated: September 2010

SlagHammer was conceived as an entry into the Subport's Non-Fashion People's Fashion Night Out, or NFPNFO in September 2010.  As a non-fashion professional, the piece of gear most likely prized by and welder is his mask or helmet.  This piece of protective gear has a shaded visor that protects the eyes from the bright light of welding while the leather cowl blocks the sparks from hitting the chest and neck area.  It's utilitarian use has made it a aesthetically unconsidered design object (supporting evidence).

The process for design involved 3D modeling the mask, CNC plasma cutting the flip up visor from a sheet of 14 ga. steel, hand bending to form the visor, assembling to the harness, and attaching the leather side pieces.

The result: an Optimus Prime/Daft Punk/Ewok hybrid that would make any welder VOGUE-ready.