Stanrey Cup

Materials: 2 plastic soup bowls, 6 aluminum cake pan forms, 3 bamboo steamers, steel thread rod

Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 48"

Designed and Fabricated: April 2013

The design shows put on by the American Design Club always brings out the best in young emerging talent and this show did not disappoint.  The broadly interpreted prompt of "TROPHY" led designers to construct artifacts of celebration, symbols of achievement.

No other object from my childhood represents this more than the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup.  With an incredible storied past (well worth the read) as a prompt, the idea behind the Stanrey Cup (besides offending every Asian who I told about it) was to replicate the one-of-a-kind, to evoke icon from the mundane.   Dimensionally accurate and made completely from parts purchased at a restaurant supply house (in Chinatown), the Stanrey Cup's was an instantly recognizable form despite the fact that it was a literally a pile of cake tins stacked atop one another!  Check out the pictures from my one-man victory parade down Mott Street!