Materials: Steel, OSB

Designed & Fabricated: June 2011

Dimensions: 48" x 103" x 14"

The Tally Shelves are constructed from 1" square tubing built as upper and lower shelving supports giving it this dynamically balanced form.  A small steel cable then is connected at the top to securely anchor it to the wall.  

The architectural lines read as a tally when shelving is placed on the arms which are accessible from both sides where the arms do not interfere.  The books can therefore be arranged tapering from top to bottom as shown.  

The shelving can alternately be configured to rest against an existing wall with feet that bolt directly to the ground.   The client wanted a bookshelf as a room divider between the bedroom and living room but also something that wasn't to much of a presence.  The shelves were made from 1/2" OSB, waste material from a wood shop that was repurposed both for the shelves and the wood bedframe below.