Teapoy Table II

Materials: Hickory, maple, MDF, steel, leather

Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 30"

Designed & Fabricated: April 2012

The three-legged table has been an interest of mine since the design and fabrication of the Teapoy I.  The root of the idea urged me to do something different, not so controlled by adjustable height function, but something that has that same dynamism and level of detail.  I started with a sketch that required both wood and metal to be used in unique ways.  The wood dowels for legs would be pierced and supported by the consecutive leg, marching in lockstep with one another.  The metal bracket was made from a bike fork tubing, essentially the tapered tube that comes up from both sides of the bicycle wheel.  A little research led me to a bike frame builder's website that had the perfect dimensions to adapt.  To produce a tube like that would be too costly for the budget, so I was thrilled to find an affordable substitute. 

The top has it's own story - made from unused hickory and maple flooring boards from a renovation of the living room in the apartment, giving it a distinctive two-tone grain.  The idea for flame finishing the top came from a friend experimenting with the process known as Shou sugi ban.  It’s a method developed in Japan and typically used in exterior barnboards, like cedar.  Shou sugi ban is said to prevent woods from rot, insect bores, and makes them flame retardant.  Some gorgeous effects have been achieved in playing with fire, such as the feathered edge look as shown here.    

Wrapped with a vegtan leather edgeband, the top was enough character to carry it's own base.  The client was thrilled to have a tabletop that beautifully matched the floor.